Monday, August 18, 2008

Videos: Something Old, Something New

First, the latest from Santogold, "Lights Out" a.k.a the song from those Bud Light with lime commercials where a group of ridiculously attractive people frolic around a pool full of glee and merriment. Of course, if I looked that good I guess I'd be happy and frolicking too:

Even though I still miss her old band Stiffed, I'm digging her new sound. But I really don't like her clothes most of the time. Don't mind me and my shallow observations. Moving along...

This next video isn't THAT old - it originally dropped in 2000 - but 8 years is still a good chunk of time to observe in retrospect. There really is no other way to preface this next video, except with two words - "Move Something":

8 years later and that song is STILL a banger. Reflection Eternal is STILL one of the greatest hip hop albums - you just can't beat timelessness.