Monday, October 27, 2008

Manic Music Monday @

The picture above pretty much sums up how I feel today for a number of reasons, but I digress. Luckily I was able to channel some of that irritation into creative fuel to put together a damn entertaining edition of Manic Music Monday for this week. Check it out here. Yezzur! © Pharrell Chart Exchange - Week 2

We've got a couple more bloggers/blogs on board for the weekly chart exchange - thanks for playing Tha 4.0 Show and Thoughts Remixed! Just to refresh your memory, the premise of this weekly chart exchange is to cross-promote blogs, politick about the music we love and network via social networks such as (using social media to network - what a novel idea!). Anyone with a blog or website and a profile can jump in and participate. Just be sure to cross-post, otherwise it kind of defeats the purpose of the whole endeavor. Onward to the charts! Click on the charts to view our profiles for a more extensive look at our musical tastes:

My Top Artists
Oct. 20 - 26

I got an *ahem* advance copy of John Legend's Evolve (which drops tomorrow, BTW, 10/28) and it pisses excellence - hence the 41 plays last week. Ian Pooley was my "getting-ready-to-go-dancing-at-a-club" music on Saturday - and it took me a long time to get ready because I kept getting sidetracked by the music and I'd start dancing, HAHA. If you dig breakbeats and instrumental hip hop, definitely check out Bulljun & El Barrio 2016 by Bulljun (FYI - his website's completely in Japanese might wanna translate that isht unless you're on some Google isht and you're "feeling lucky"). I listen to his stuff a lot when I'm at work - it helps me zone out so I can plow through my tasks with significantly less disdain. Elis Regina is the reason I became interested in Brazilian music on a grand scale in the first place. She had a powerful voice, charasmatic stage presence and a defiant persona which earned her the nicknames "furacão" ("hurricane") and "pimentinha" ("little pepper"). She was quite the beast back in the day - unfortunately she didn't get the memo that coke and booze don't mix very well so she died tragically young. She deserves a blog post all unto herself (and she shall have it one day soon).

That's enough about my charts. Check out what my fellow bloggers are listening to these days:

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