Tuesday, October 7, 2008

J*Davey "Mr. Mister" (Future Screw Remix) Official Video

I'm in a J*Davey fan group on facebook called "Beauty In Distortion: J*Davey" and earlier this evening I got a note saying that they released a video for the remix of their break out hit song "Mr. Mister." This excited me a great deal, because this particular remix was one of those rare instances in which the remix was just as good, if not better than the original joint. I clicked on the YouTube link and this is what I watched:

Don't get me wrong. I lurrrrrve me some J*Davey, but I had to give this the side eye kinda hard. And it didn't help that I needed eyedrops after watching that isht. It definitely falls under the "Great Song, Wack Video" category for me, I'm disappointed. It just seemed like they were trying *too* hard to be edgy or whatever you want to call it. Hell, maybe I'm wrong. Maybe I'm missing something entirely that's underlying - some abstract artistic expression that went over my head completely. Or maybe I'm just not cool or enough of a hipster or an art fuck or a tweaker to find a music video shot in Predator Vision entertaining. Whatever, I guess. The video for the original version was just that - original. That's what made it so great:

Coming out the gate with that, they really set the bar high for themselves, so I guess an occasional falter is to be expected. It's okay, I still ♥ them and the "Mr. Mister" remix 4 EVAH.