Wednesday, August 27, 2008

"Roc boys in da buildin' tanight!"

I was rummaging through old newspapers looking for a recent Chicago Tribune op-ed piece written by a history prof @ DePaul. I found the article in question, but what caught my attention as I was laying the page down on the copier was this:

(click the image to view full size)

I think some of these are embellished or just flat-out lying. Regardless, these are a few that stood out to me:
  • "Wang Dang Doodle"? Really Barack? I would not admit that to ANYONE.
  • "Buh? Wut?" @ "Baby Got Back" being #6 on Mark Kirk's list. Where the hell did THAT come from?
  • Dick Durbin listens to Angelique Kidjo? Nice!
  • Wow. Gov. Blagojevich really likes Elvis. Maybe that's what inspires his sideburns. I wonder if he does the Elvis hip swivel in the mirror when nobody's around.
  • Arne Duncan really loves him some "urban" music. I can't be mad @ a middle aged white man who listens to Common though. HOLLER.
I also find it both hilarious yet highly appropriate that the state treasurer's #4 song is "Roc Boys" by Jay-Z. If you've never heard it or never bothered listening the words, it's basically the "I'M RIIIIICH BEEEEYOTCH!" anthem that directly correlates to what was happening with Denzel's character in "American Gangster". I'm not suggesting that Alexi Giannoulias is a crime lord, but rather that a song extolling the power of being in possession and control of large sums of money would appeal to him a great deal.

Plus, that beat is SICK: