Monday, July 14, 2008

Closet Freak: The Missing Link

When Cee-lo broke away from Goodie Mob and dropped "Cee-lo Green and His Perfect Imperfections" in 2002 it raised a lot of eyebrows at first. But it brought just the right amount of "funk soul bruhvah" (© Fatboy Slim) to the table so people didn't really seem to mind. Little did we know, it was a precursor to even more daring and ostentatious creative endeavors with DJ Danger Mouse as Gnarls Barkley. Lest we forget, before he was "Crazy," Cee-lo was a self-proclaimed "Closet Freak" and he did a hysterical video to tell us alllllll about it:

Best. Video. EVAR. Pure hysteria - negroes was wilin' OUT when they came up with the concept for this joint. This video is pretty much they key to the missing link between his transition from Goodie Mobb to Gnarls Barkley. I mean...he pretend-morphs into a big sparkly bat at the bridge of the song! If THAT didn't tip you off that he was on some other isht...and he definitely gets the "No Shame In My Game" award for rocking the feather boas/mohawk and not...much...else...

I still bust out "Closet Freak" like once a month, but when I really wanna vibe and lose myself in my thoughts for a few minutes then I throw on:

So yeah. Just a few of many reasons why I fornicates with Cee-lo. He doesn't fuck around.

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Lee said...

One of my fave artists and fave songs by him + the video is off the chizzle!