Wednesday, July 23, 2008

CoupleStop. Where Couples...Swap?

I've been seeing ads on the train for a social networking website called CoupleStop. One ad says, "Our friends moved to the suburbs. So we found new friends." Another ad that I saw in today's RedEye said "Our friends only talked their kids. So we found new friends." Both are pretty hilarious, because it totally sounds like something I'd say. But peep this: the tagline is "Where Couples Clique." If that doesn't sound like some kind of low-key swinger/spouse-swapping isht, I don't know what does. The homepage says "No Swingers Allowed" but once people sign up on the website, they can do whatever the hell they want. What's stopping them from starting some kind of swinger's clique with people they meet through that website?

This concept of couples actively seeking out other couples to socialize with is completely foreign to me. Of course I understand couples are going to have mutual friends and some of those friends might just so happen to be in a relationship and bring their S.O. around to kick it when there's a group outing or gathering @ someone's home. But setting out on a mission - and paying a fee for it - specifically to find other couples to set up play dates seems a bit dodgy to me. I dunno, maybe that's just what you do when you get married and it's one of those "you have to be there" type scenarios. I already know that if I was in a relationship of some sort, I couldn't socialize with only other couples all the time - I'd lose my mind. Seriously.

In any event, I'm not endorsing or denouncing the swinger lifestyle - I just thought it was funny how comes off as a thinly veiled network for people who prefer or are curious about that sort of thing. I wonder if I'm the only one who makes that connection, or is it just my warped mind making bizarre associations as usual...

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Erik M. said...


You are not the only one who questions the purity of Swingers are, in fact, the largest stigma/fear for CoupleStop members. That is why we go out of our way to combat swinger culture:
1) We implemented a logo indicating "No Swingers"
2) We set up non-invasive text tracking systems, which pick up key words in messages associated with explicit content.
3) We approve all profile pictures to ensure appropriate content.
4) Staff is highly accessible to concerned members and members are encouraged to contact CoupleStop, if ever they feel uncomfortable.

Having said that, CoupleStop is only responsible for on-site content and activities. The goal of CoupleStop is to facilitate face-to-face user interaction. Once a user leaves the site, we can not be responsible for their actions. I have gone out with several member couples and can attest to their quality.

I encourage you to try for yourself and see what we are all about. We have over 100 users in the Chicagoland area alone and our monthly dues are less than a Gino's East Pizza. If you're not 100% pleased with your experience, we will reimburse you for the full amount. What do you have to loose?


Filip said...

Yeah Erik, and you forgot to pay for your website on Elance, remember? You've waited until development 99% was completed and after that you've disappeared with all the code, graphic concept and implementation. Changed passwords on Database and FTP server and still refusing to pay. We'll never stop searching for your public posts and editable information about Coplestop, until you give us our 1600$ the cost of the development. Until you do so, I'll still consider you and a big scam. You know where to contact us.

Erik M. said...

That is plainly untrue. Glass Design did poor work, did not complete work and could not meet deadlines. That is why I took the initiative to hire an experienced staff of programmers dedicated to giving my customers to best Coupling experience possible.

When you join CoupleStop, you can rest assured that the site you experience is a clean, efficient and safe website designed with professionalism and service as its top priorities.

Filip said...

Eric, you're misinforming people, the website was 99% complete, and when we wanted to complete the final steps, you've vanished. You never paid for anything. We know what you're still using the same software, maybe changed a bit. Also you are still using the graphic concept, logo, etc

Filip said...

Who wants the engine used on, and also the source files for the design, in order to start a similar website, contact me at filip.serban [a] Everything is free ;). If the the source code wasn't paid, then let's make it OpenSource.

softjunebreeze said...

Please take your business matters elsewhere - the comments section of my blog is not the place to air out your grievances. If this continues, I will block you both. I'm deleting all comments in this thread.