Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Local Flavor: LooseLeaf Lounge

My guy Philip hit me up a couple weekends ago saying that his new spot Looseleaf Lounge (2915 N. Broadway Ave., just north of Clark/Diversey/Broadway in Lakeview) was finally open for business. It's a comfy cafe that specializes in tea/tea-based beverages and organic versions of classic cafe staples. I was really excited, so I stopped by and took some pics of the space so I could share the good news and help spread the word about the spot. Peep game...

There's cozy furniture for patrons to relax, kick back and pirate the Wi-Fi (okay, it's free so it's not really pirating but you can just pretend if you're feeling sneaky)

If you prefer a little elevation, there's a counter for your seating enjoyment as well

You can people watch through the front window. It's like a really small, not-so-secluded VIP section, HAHA.

My favorite thing @ LooseLeaf Lounge?
(besides the tasty beverages of course)
The hand-painted tables. Absolutely gorgeous...

I really need this table (below) in my life

And of course, you can't have tea and/or coffee without the proper additionals. They hooked up a condiment station out of this desk/bookshelf set. I love it!

Like I mentioned before, this place is brand-spankin' new (the walls still smell like fresh paint) so be sure to stop by and show them some love if you're ever in the Lakeview area. They are also eager to use the space for live musical performances, exhibitions and other forms of artistic expression - so don't hesitate to get @ them if you are a musician or an artist looking to showcase your work. It's a nice venue for low-key performances which will draw a crowd that will patronize the cafe, so everybody wins. You can contact the cafe directly at (773) 348-7881 or e-mail the owner at

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Lee said...

Place looks dope..real mellow but different.

Tom said...

Yeah this is a cool spot. They make the best tea in town!

Judith said...

so exciteeeeeed!!