Monday, August 25, 2008

More Estelle meet & greet pics

LJ took these on Saturday but he just e-mailed them to me last night:

AGH! I did NOT know he was taking this picture! >_<

This shot is a lot better than the one he took using my camera

Annnnnd I just discovered this one is tagged on MySpace:

Me and LJ posing for Estelle's Atlantic rep
I like this one the best

Some dude with a big, professional-looking camera took some pictures of me holding the poster and then handed me his business card. I don't know if that means I can hit him up and get my pics, or if he was just promoting himself as a free agent @ the event. I want my damn pictures! Prolly have to pay for them shits though >_<>

1 bugged out:

k. said...

estelle is gorgeous and
i am glad you had a good time.
i would contact the photographer...
you never know, he could just pass
the photos to you.