Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Someone You Should Know: Oona Garthwaite

Those of you who watch So You Think You Can Dance? may remember a particularly nimble entrant named "Twitch" who performed a mind-blowingly face-melting dance sequence for what turned out to be his 2nd time auditioning for the show:

This isn't about him though. Sorry Twitch, maybe some other time. I'll stalk, er, blog about you at a later date :)

This is about the haunting voice lilting behind the rapid tempo of the drums that fueled his flawless movement. Meet Oona Garthwaite:

Her voice is refreshing for its pure sweetness with just the right amount of tart flavor, like the perfect glass of lemonade on a hot summer day. Her presence is worldly - her aura, mysterious and catch my drift. But don't just take my word for it, get the story straight from the source...

Oona: In Her Own Words

Name: oona garthwaite

But People Call Me: #1 ;)

Age: 24

Location: Oakland, ca

Originally From: born in Oakland, CA / grew up in the woods: lagunitas, ca

Occupation: musician with a day job…… (video encoding operator)

Loves: music & thinking

Hates: bigotry

Is Indifferent About: religion

Is Puzzled By: childish tempers on grown folks

You in 3 - 5 Words. Go: nothing quite like it ;)

Inspiration: people & concrete

Motivation: family

Idols: beth ditto. zora neale hurston. frances doherty.

Why People Should F*ck With You: because I’m asking for it………… and I give as good as I get



Feel Like Sharing Anything Else?

History, that beast, never diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiies!! so we must be good to each other………

There you go people - don't ever say I haven't tried to put you on to someone/thing ill. You're welcome ;)

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Kevin J said...

Her reason for "Why People Should F*ck With You" = more reason to love her.