Thursday, October 2, 2008

I ♥ Ranch Dressing by Cara Freie

Seemingly taking a cue from the now infamous blog Stuff White People Like, lawyer-turned-comedy writer Cara Freie has narrowed the superfluous field of study surrounding all things loved by white people to the provincial folk in the Midwest. Her book I ♥ Ranch Dressing: And Other Stuff White Midwesterners Like takes an satirical yet eerily encyclopedic look at just about everything you can think of that relates to atypical white midwestern life: white wicker furniture, novelty sweaters, Jesus, Florida, crystal meth, and of course ranch dressing. Amazingly enough, it's written in a tone that is free of snark and comes off as more of a loving recollection that could only come from someone who was "born and raised in Columbia, Missouri by two very sweet Iowa natives" - in other words, a proud white Midwesterner.

Check out excerpts from the book and more at the website: I ♥

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