Friday, November 14, 2008

Amoeba Music: What's In Mos Def's Bag?

Mighty Mos Def stops by the immeasurably awesome one-stop entertainment shop, Ameoba Music on Sunset in LA. Check out the video:

The fact that he had Jackson Conti, Cold War Kids and Jake One in the same bag only reaffirmed my desire to mate with him. Props to EL3G The Scholar for posting the link on Twitter :)

1 bugged out:

EL3G said...

lol @ your desire to mate w/ Mos Def. he is an incredible dude tho, i can't fault for that :0p

3 things about that interview re-affirmed my stance on Mos Def as not only a phenomenal artist but as a great dude.

1. The music he was listening to. (thanks for putting me up on that Jackson Conte by the way :0)

2. Him being so nice to that little girl

3. The end of the video where he spaced out...i was lmao!

thanks for the shout out. i owe you one, check for your name & blog on my show this wed. WED's 8-10pm EST