Friday, July 11, 2008

DJ Spinna in Chicago

DJ Spinna is doing a set tonight @ Zentra. HOLLER.

I'm not making the same mistake I did last time I went to Zentra to see Miguel Migs and Lisa Shaw. I RSVP'ed to get in for free before 11, and get there (just minutes) before 11 I did. Migs didn't start his set until a quarter to 2 am. I'd been up since 7, so I couldn't hang - especially since I was already tired when I got there. Thus, I only stayed about 30 minutes into his set. I was pretty annoyed, considering I'm a fan of Miguel Migs and I was really looking forward to hearing him spin since I'd never been to one of his sets. Not to mention, Lisa Shaw is a goddess and officially broke my "I hate house music" cherry, HAHA. I'd missed her @ Green Dolphin last November, so I was geeked to have another chance to see her since she doesn't come out this way very often. I RSVP'ed to get in free before 11 (not gonna happen), for $5 between 11 pm - 12 am and $10 afterward. So yeah, I'ma get there @ 11:59, pay my "fiye dahlas" © Ghostface Killa and hope Spinna goes on before 2. I think I can hang tonight though, but I'm going alone so I kinda want things to get moving so I'm not waiting around all night. Because yes, the world DOES in fact revolve around me. Don't act brand new, HAHA.

Before I go, here's some Spinna shit to vibe to: