Saturday, August 23, 2008

I met Estelle today...

She was @ the Puma store Downtown on Rush St. signing autographs and taking pictures. I got a poster signed and she took a pic with me:

This is why I don't let people take my picture
My boy LJ didn't count down before he shot the flick
Neither of us were really ready and it shows
Not to mention the humidity wrecked my hair >_<

Why am I towering over her? She was wearing 3" heels and I was wearing flip flops *facepalm* She's very pretty in person - her pictures don't really do her justice. She has braces too, which I though was cool. Not mention, her accent is AWESOME. When I got up to the table she greeted me with "Ow yah dewin' Sis? Wot's yah naim lahv?" I LOVE IT, HAHA. As she was signing my poster, the song "Pump Up The Jam" by Technotronic was playing. She started bobbing her head trying to be low-key, and finally she said "Oi lahv this sohng!" and started singing along. That was a great moment - I mean really, who can resist the pulsing beats of early 90s dance techno? Front all you want, but if you were in elementary or middle school when that song dropped, you WERE on the playground singing it at the top of your lungs, or in your bedroomm, or in your parent's car, or at the school dance in the gym twerkin' it out whenever it played. I see you. I SEE YOU.

If for whatever reason you're not up on Estelle, gets'ta the YouTubes and learn ya somethin' right quick: