Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Someone You Should Know: Fundamental

Free health care isn't the only dope thing in Canada (sorry Michael Moore). As Canadian hip hop continues to etch out a distinct place within the global context, one young and stylish producer strives make his mark on the movement. Alex Canzoneri a.k.a "Fundamental" has a scope of understanding about crafting beats that gives off the impression he is well beyond his 22 years. He dropped an official beat sampler back in December 2008, called "Fundamental's Beatdown, Vol. 1":

You'd be doing yourself a favor if you went ahead and downloaded it. While you're in the downloading mood, cop G5 Clive's mixtape "The Social Class" because 'Mental's holding it down with 4 beats and a feature.

But that's enough out of me. He's here to give you the real deal about who he is and why he's the best thing to happen to Toronto since Caribana. Check out his questionnaire below...

In His Own Words...

Name: Fundamental

But People Call Me: Sexy Fundamental aka Extra
Extra aka Batman aka Just plain stupid fresh.

Age: 22

Location: Toronto

Originally From: Toronto

Occupation: Music Producer/Artist

Loves: Music, Basketball, Girls, Family,

Hates: Ignorance

Is Indifferent About: Anyone that doesn’t have my best interest at heart.

Is Puzzled By: People with no talent that get famous for being famous.

You in 3 - 5 Words. Go: I understand what others don’t.

Inspiration: J Dilla, fear of failure, fear of not standing out.

Motivation: 1). To have everyone understand exactly who I am from listening to my music. 2). To always stay fresh. 3). Make timeless music.

Idols: Alvin Williams

Why People Should F*ck With You: I promise that everything I do is fresh and unique. I respect the old school and the new school. If you want to have that excitement about NEW music, then fuck with I.



Contact: fndmntl4 (AIM), (MSN, e-mail)

Feel Like Sharing Anything Else? Don’t be afraid of change and new shit. If you say hip hop is dead, then you’re killing it. Support! Even if they’re free downloads. Download, pass them around...force people to listen if you enjoy the music.

Last but not least, Stephanie, lets go get some chicken schwarma.

I have no clue what "schwarma" is, but if it's chicken then I'm sold.

Yezzur! © Pharrell

Ebrahim Mash-Up

Watch this cat Ebrahim kick back with a sampling machine and do a crazy mash-up of D'Angelo, Lupe Fiasco and Joni Mitchell (!!!) like it's nothing:

Dig his insane talent? Check him out at DO IT!