Thursday, July 24, 2008

RE: CoupleStop. Where Couples...Swap?

Apparently I was erroneous in my assumption that is a social networking site for couples who are swingers. I got this comment from Erik, who appears to be affiliated with the website:


You are not the only one who questions the purity of Swingers are, in fact, the largest stigma/fear for CoupleStop members. That is why we go out of our way to combat swinger culture:

1) We implemented a logo indicating "No Swingers"
2) We set up non-invasive text tracking systems, which pick up key words in messages associated with explicit content.
3) We approve all profile pictures to ensure appropriate content.
4) Staff is highly accessible to concerned members and members are encouraged to contact CoupleStop, if ever they feel uncomfortable.

Having said that, CoupleStop is only responsible for on-site content and activities. The goal of CoupleStop is to facilitate face-to-face user interaction. Once a user leaves the site, we can not be responsible for their actions. I have gone out with several member couples and can attest to their quality...

The comment finished up by inviting me to try CoupleStop with a money back guarantee, HAHA. I'm not a part of a couple, so I really have no use for it at this point in time. Even if I, no. I'm not going on play-dates with other couples. It's just not going to happen. However, I DO appreciate Erik coming forward to clarifying the misconception that I had. That's definitely good business savvy on their end. Accessibility and oppenness to public dialogue is a definitely a good look.

6 bugged out:

Tyron Perryman said...

Couple play-dates? With strangers? Are people really doing this? I can't say that I understand.

Anonymous said...

Erik “forgot” to pay for the website development.

Erik, don’t forget, we’ll follow your public posts and we’ll never stop posting until we get our 1600$. You know where to find us
If you've stolen the website, why the users should trust you and your website?

Filip said...

Who wants the engine used on, and also the source files for the design, in order to start a similar website, contact me at filip.serban [a] Everything is free ;). If the the source code wasn't paid, then let's make it OpenSource.

Erik M. said...

The source code was based upon OpenSource to begin with, though we have made a number of significant and key revisions. We are advocates of the Apache movement and encourage creative competition.

Filip said...

Yeah, like apache is a development platform... Eric, I'm talking about the php code that's behind your website.

Filip said...

btw, Erik, give us the money and we;ll stop posting. It's simple