Wednesday, December 17, 2008

N*E*R*D - Sooner or Later

My only gripe with this video (aside from the blatant Zune and Ciroc product placement) is the fact that they cut out 2 minutes of the song which were arguably the best. They could have left the first part of the face-melting guitar solo in there and used it to build more on the scenes at play. In the album version, it builds on a creshendo until it explodes into wonderful shredded guitar string fury. It also makes the song over 6 minutes long, so I suppose they're counting on people's short attention spans prompting them to close out the browser window or change the channel after 4 minutes *sigh*

Other than that, it's a dope video. And it always makes me happy to see Black folk gettin' on their rock shit without any reservations. The band they had in the background was badass.

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