Saturday, February 14, 2009

Throwback: V-Day Mix '08

I came up with this compilation last year and it's pretty damn fly if I do say so myself. I've been totally out of it lately, so I didn't do a new one for this year, hence the throwback (though I'd like to think that it's timeless). In any event, this is how I show love:

*~*V-Day Mix '08*~*
(99 MB)

Raphael Saadiq ~ Skyy, Can You Feel Me? ~ Impatient
J*Davey ~ Everybody Touch
Zap Mama ~ Call Waiting
Sade ~ Sweetest Taboo
Sara Tavares ~ One Love
Sabrina Malheiros ~ Love Sorte
J. Dilla ~ Love ft. Pharoah Monche
Talib Kweli ~ Never Been In Love
Jaguar Wright ~ Love, Need & Want You
Amy Winehouse ~ Best For Me ft. James Tyler
Donnie ~ Heaven Sent
Rufus ~ At Midnight (My Love Will Lift You Up)
Donald Byrd ~ Dominoes
Steely Dan ~ Peg
Lenny Kravitz ~ I Belong To You
Justin Nozuka ~ After Tonight

It's one big mp3 file, so it might take a while to d/l depending upon the speed of your Innernets. Don't be scurred, it's worth the wait! Everyone have a good Valentines Day :)

(I had to do it. I HAD TO DO IT!)

2 bugged out:

chop sinatra said...

Happy v-day!

theScholar3000 / EL3G said...

I'm all late to the party lol.
Okay, so i'm only on track two and
i'm grooving already. There's this big kool-aid smile on my face right
now too. (iono why i threw that in
there, but just so you know i'm really liking what i'm hearing so far) I think this is the 6th or 7th time that S.J.B. has turned me on to
some dope music. I love your ears
yo, lol. Thank you for this <3